The Fight

In the book the fight the main character was being bullied. He felt like he needed to fight the bully so he could fit in. so the main character fought the bully and threaten him. He also challenged him to a rematch.

I feel like the main character did not handle that situation very well. I feel this way because he fell into pear pressure. I also think he did not handle the situation right because he could have walked away and became the bigger person. When he decided to challenge the bully to a rematch I felt as if he became a bully jus to fit in. that is why I feel as if he did not handle the situation well.

When I was in the third grade a group of boys use to always bully me. They use to throw chocolate milk on me and pull my hair. They use to follow me home and call me lazy eyes. They also threw eggs at my window. They use to beat me up all the time.

I think that the main character actions were not appropriate. Instead of arguing with the bully he should have walked away and deescalated the problem. If he would have walked away there would have not been a fight. I also feel like the main character was wrong for picking up a weapon planning on using it on the bully. If him and the bully would have got into another fight and he used the ring he fount he could have hurt him really bad. If I was In the main character situation would have reported the bully. I would also try to avoid him.

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